Things to Consider When Shopping For Commercial Fryers

Commercial fryers come in all shapes, sizes and types

While it is nice to have choices, it could quickly become very overwhelming with innumerable options to choose from.  For many, all that is needed is a fryer that will find the business done and cook delicious funnel cakes or French fries.  To aid you with your purchasing, here are a few things to take into consideration.

Commercial heavy fryers come in many different sizes

An affordable counter top sized fryer can be found from many brands, but these are used mostly by the house chef for special cooking projects.  The most commonly seen form of deep fryer is that the full size floor model commercial fryer.  Wherever you receive your French fries or hash browns from, they have to first undergo four hundred degree oil for 3 and a half an hour in a full size commercial fryer before reaching your mouth.

If you are going to go out of your way to buy a Professional Commercial fryer for your house, you may as well search for a legitimate item for the kitchen.  The first element to consider along with your purchasing is portability and storage.  The last thing you need is something which will take over a whole counter or not have the ability to fit in a cupboard.

Commercial fryers need to have sufficient counter space so as to operate properly

There are many different sizes to select from which makes it all the more important you understand and know how much distance you will need to work with.  If you will be keeping it in a cupboard, consider buying a cover of a sort to pay for the oil and watch over the fryer.

The following feature to check at while shopping for a fryer is the temperature control

Much like anything else on the planet, you may get what you pay for.  It’s ideal to stay away from commercial fryers which have temperature settings of low, medium and high.  The cause of this is as it is remarkably difficult to judge what the suitable temperature is for your meals.

Instead, stick to components which have exact temperatures since it is imperative you know when it has reached the appropriate temperature for the particular food being cooked.  Some fryers even have two separate compartments with two temperature indicators.  Again, the more complex the features are the more you can expect to pay.  However, it is important that you have a unit which informs you of the accurate temperature.

The final feature you will want to consider with commercial fryers is the capacity that it will hold

If you will be using the machine sparingly and simply want to cook a few snacks, and then you can eliminate a low capacity fryer.  If you will be cooking whole chickens or a large batch of French fries, be sure the device is capable of fulfilling your requirements.  Look carefully at the capacity when shopping.  Additionally, bear in mind what accessories you will need like fry baskets and funnel cones.