The Healthy and New Mode of Cooking Fried Food with Hot Air

I know what the voice in your head is asking – What is an air fryer?  And you have come to the right place. This fryer is an appliance for the kitchen using air that is hot for frying food. These fryers cook food by air that is superheated and circulating quickly around the food. They use hot air to fry rather than oil, so it also tastes better and is healthier.

New mode of frying

This way of frying food with air is bringing an entire new generation a method for cooking with a new period of cooking appliances altogether. By the use of little or no oil at all, these air fryers make food perfect, crispy, browned and a lot healthier to eat. By using less fat, (80% less) as compared to the traditional method of frying.

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DeLonghi MultiFry

DeLonghi MultiFry is a new addition to the kitchen appliances. You can use this appliance as a “multi-cooker” as well as fryer with low oil. There is an opportunity to cook most foods with this appliance; such as salmon, steaks, and French fries that are crispy. You can also make pies and cakes as well as bake pizzas. DeLonghi air fryetechnology is applied here. So, it can distribute heat similarly for all portions of foods. There is a racket mixer that can stir food automatically. It does need a small amount of oil to cook foods. This appliance can broil, bake, and cook foods with the most delightful taste. This technology of fast air is also used here. You can cook different types of food very quickly. It transports air with degrees up to 390 F (200 C) to cook fried foods like chips, chicken, fish and many others. The technology of air setting is very innovative and a clever idea in the era of culinary tools and a new generation of cuisine practice.