Some Important Facts about Italian Cuisines

A Google search has revealed that more than 60% American people search best Italian Lunch NYC through their handheld devices. This gives a clear indication that American people are fond of Italian dishes and always have inclination towards it. This is not without reason that people are so inclined towards Italian foods and Italian dishes. With this article we are going to highlight some basic characteristics of Italian dishes and then we can easily understand why it is gaining so much traction among individuals.

For those who are not much aware about the geographical diversity of Italy they should know that Italy is made up of nineteen different regions and each region is widely known for its distinct and unique cuisine. Another important feature of Italian dishes is that their cuisine changes in every season placing utmost importance to freshness. In other words we can say is that Italian kitchen serves summer cuisine and winter cuisine differently.

Cuisines of southern Italy

The people of southern Italy consume more fish and sea foods in their diet and thus it has remained a special place in their kitchen. Another important ingredient that makes their dishes so delicious is virgin oil. They use virgin almost in all of their dishes. Due to inclusion of sea-foods and sea based nutrients in their body they are considered as one of the healthiest people in the world.

Dishes and cuisines of Northern Italy

When we talk about dishes of northern Italy dishes that pops up in our mind are ossobuco and risotto alla Milanese, pitocca made with chicken (they make it in Emilia too), polenta e fasoi, polenta with beans, tortelli di zucca, Mantova’s spectacular squash-filled pasta, and panettone. Broadly speaking, northern cuisine is more butter- and dairy-based, with abundant use of rosemary and sage.

Dishes of mountainous regions of Italy

The mountainous regions will feature hearty, meaty fare, while the sea encircles nearly the whole country, making fish dishes plentiful and well loved. Both north and south love their pasta and each region has their favorite, although you’ll find a southern meal isn’t complete without a pasta course, whilst the north prefers to regularly mix it up with gnocchi, risotto and polenta dishes.

In the sun-drenched south

In the sun-drenched southern region of Italy we can find touch of Greek and Arab world wherein cuisines are featured with fragrant olive oils and many varieties of tomatoes both fresh and dried, spiked with hot peppers, and accentuated with basil and oregano. Ingredients that put it apart from other region are Sicilians add citrus, raisins, almonds and exotic spices.