Per Te: The Italian restaurant and Café having eccentricity of flavored fresh food

The cooking manner of Italians is based on the fresh ingredients they can find. The cooking technique is simple that keeps the flavor of the food to melt nicely in the mouth. Italians love everything fresh as they bake their bread and prepare pasta. To enjoy the freshness of Italian food one does not have to visit Italy. The restaurant Per Te has brought the same taste and flavor to the people around. There are many recipes through which food is prepared and all the recipes are passed down from generation. To master the recipe one might take time but visiting the restaurant Per Te will be much easier to taste and one specialty is camel meat.

Per Te has won awards for the flavored food they are presenting and hearty ambiance they are having. There is not one dish that can be compared better than another one. Every dish that is presented here is having its own importance. One of the most liked dishes is the camel meat as it has all the nutrients to a body needs. This place is a heaven for food lovers and lovers of Italian food.

The Per Te restaurant is based on providing all sizzling drinks like Coffee, Tea, Beverage, Juices, Mocktails and few others. With the sip of drinks, one feels the freshness that drives through their body and it remains there till the last sip.

Food items are great and every food item has a touch of a home kitchen. With just a small smell one can take the essence that they are sitting at home and having the food right from the kitchen. The special ingredients that change the taste of food are that the food is prepared with love. From the starters to the main course the food is prepared that smoothens everyone’s appetite.

Before visiting this fabulous food place it is recommended to place a booking. The place is mostly filled with lovers of food that makes them come back again and again. One thing after eating the food one feels is that all the tiredness of the body is gone.

Contact Address: Street 12C, Villa No. 54, Near Jumeirah Plaza, Jumeirah 1.

Call: +971-43446455