Madrid Travel Tips for Best Tourist Experience

 Madrid is a large city popular for its impressive architecture, vibrant dining scene, and world-class museums. This Spanish capital can seem a little daunting for travelers, at first. If you are a food lover then click Madrid food tours to join as well as know the delicacies you will get to enjoy.

Madrid travel tips for best tourist experience

Learn little Spanish

English is used at majority of hotels and sightseeing spots. Reading the menu in Spanish is made easy if you use a dictionary app. Learn quick phrases for ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ or ‘OK’ to make an impression.

Transport facilities

Madrid can be enjoyed in a taxi but make sure that the driver re-starts the meter. Public transport includes modern trains with great connections. It is the best way to get to know Madrid better. However, be careful of your wallet or purse.

Plan shopping accordingly

Traditional Spanish schedule for siesta break is between 2 pm to 5 pm. Therefore plan shopping schedule to family run shops, accordingly. Supermarket and chain stores remain open all through the day. Several restaurants & bars close after lunch around 4.30 pm. Their kitchen re-opens around 8 pm for dinner.

Lunch in Madrid

 ‘Menú del día’ is the favorite way to enjoy lunch. It is an arranged lunch menu including drinks and desserts. First course option includes vegetable, soup or rice dishes. Second course is fish or meat accompanied with potatoes and salad. With Madrid food tour package, you will enjoy a typical home-made dessert called Casera.

Dinner in Madrid

Raciones will be found on generally every menu in Madrid. These are shared plates including everything ranging from fried calamari to Spanish cured ham. Raciones are prepared expertly and served with bread.

Food tours Madrid even plan al fresco meal, where tourist can savor traditional Spanish favorites as well as contemporary classic dishes.