Lebanese Food, The Best Restaurants in Lebanon

Lebanese food

Want to know about Lebanese foods ?

Want to know more about Lebanese cuisine? The Lebanese cuisine is full of fresh ingredients, beautiful colors and rich tastes. If you are heading to Lebanon, you’re in for a treat, because they are so many delicious, fresh and healthy dishes to taste. Here we’ve curated a selection of some classic Lebanese food and also a list of the best Lebanese restaurants for your enjoyment.

Tasty Lebanese food :

Hummus Balila :

Rustic, roughly textured and served warm, this is unlike the super-smooth dips most of us are accustomed to. (Via dirty kitchen secrets).

Lentil spinach soup :

Lebanese food

Cumin and lemon provide a dash of bright flavor to this lentil soup.(Via coffee and Quinoa)

Kale Tabouli :

Stuff our not-so-traditional quinoa tabouli into pita bread for on-the-go enjoyment or serve the salad by the bowlful as healthy, gluten-free meal.(Via Brit+Co)

Baked Batata Harra Fries :

Spicy baked fries are served with a creamy eggplant-hater-converting baba ghanoush-meet-labne dip. (Via Ciao Veggie)

Lebanese food, best restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon:

Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world.  The capital of Lebanon has made remarkable progress in tourism in recently. Beirut’s restaurants, along with numerous monuments and natural attractions, have come together to make the city a perfect tourist destination.

Culinary in Lebanon has the traditional culinary characteristics of the Middle East region.  It uses the same aromatic spices and vegetables that you can see in many Middle Eastern countries.  Mostly, foods are flavored with aromatic vegetables, garlic, fresh lemon juice and olive oil.

Beirut’s location on the Mediterranean has made the city very rich in seafood. Part of the local cuisine is made with the freshest seafood. Of course, in addition to the local cuisine, you can try many foods from all over the world in Beirut’s restaurants. Here are some of the Beirut’s best and most famous restaurants:

Lebanese food, Restaurants :

Em Sherif restaurant:

Lebanese food

Em Sherif restaurant is one of the best choices for travelers to eat in a luxurious and upscale restaurant in a very ancient city. The restaurant’s decoration is reminiscent of the splendor of the old Eastern mansions.  The restaurant’s seasonal menu includes a selection of finest and most delicious local dishes. After you have eaten your food,there is also a hookah on the terrace of the restaurant, which is part of Lebanese traditions.

Babel Bay restaurant:

Babel Bay restaurant is located in one of Beirut’s most luxurious tourist area,a seaside resort and accessible by yachts.  This attractive and touristy area has 18 restaurants and shops and Babel Bay restaurant is located in the same area. You can taste the best seafood at this restaurant.

Liza restaurant:

Lebanese food

Liza restaurant is a modern and upscale restaurant.  It has a charming and lovely setting where you will enjoy tasting Lebanese cuisine.  The restaurant’s most important menu items include chicken and shrimp flavored with lemon, cumin, and tomato.  The restaurant’s menu is very detailed and there is a variety of hot and cold dishes, grilled and traditional dishes and delectable foods to satisfy all tastes.

Centrale restaurant:

Centrale restaurant is a great choice for tasting French cuisine in Beirut. If the weather is right, guests can eat on the roof, and a good drink is recommended along with food. The restaurant’s dinning hall has a high ceiling and a charming garden where you can enjoy delicious French dishes.

Indigo on the Roof restaurant:

Indigo on the Roof restaurant is located in a hotel. The restaurant’s outdoor terrace has beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy the warm and sunny day in the daytime and get existed about seeing the night lights at night. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.  It offers a variety of dishes made with different meats and fresh seafood.

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