How Clay Pots Should Be Selected For Maximizing Their Benefits

The world of clay pots is diverse. You can find them in wide variety of sizes and shapes. They serve different purposes too. That is why; choosing correct clay pot for your kitchen can be tricky sometimes.

Important things to consider

  • Choose according to the quantity of food to be cooked: Depending upon the number of family members for whom the food is to be cooked, the clay pots should be chosen. This helps user preparing the food in one go; thereby saving time as well as fuel. Also, the correct size of vessel prevents food from spilling and restricts undue consumption of energy too.
  • Make correct choice of clay: The purest clay pots are the best to use for cooking. These are free from all sorts of chemicals. Ceramic clays, terracotta and other colored clay utensils should be avoided as these are made and decorated using chemicals which can hamper the safety of food.
  • Use clay pots keeping energy expenditure in mind: Clay pots are supposed to cook food uniformly and safely. Buyer should buy keeping these requirements in mind, but the carbon footprint of the vessel should not be ignored. Thus, go for the makers like who have paid attention to the carbon footprint and have achieved better levels of energy-efficiency.
  • Pay attention to the number of foods they can cook: If your clay pot is multipurpose, it can be used for cooking various kinds of foods. Thus, the pot should cook vegetables, pulses, rice and other foods like chicken, fish etc. This helps get more work done per dollar spent in the clay pot.

So, take care of these points to make the purchase of clay pots wiser and more beneficial. Also, practice caution and follow cooking instructions properly to avoid mishap as well as damage to the clay pot.