Here’s how you can eat organic foods in budget!

Like everyone else, you are probably interested in eating organic foods, veggies, meats and fruits. It’s not completely untrue that organic produce is expensive. While people do talk about creating a vegetable garden at home, not everyone has the space or time required to get the produce. So, can you really eat organic in a budget? Below are some smart tips that may come handy.

  1. Buy from the right store. Depending on where you stay, you can find specialty stores like Exofruits, which offer all kinds of organic produce and at the right price. This is mainly because they source their products straight from the farms, and thereby, the price difference is considerably high.
  2. Always shop seasonal. Every region has a specific kind of weather, and based on that, you must choose the foods. Fruits and veggies in season always taste better, and you will pay much lower than the exotic and imported variants.
  3. Shop for the week. Most veggies and fruits can be stocked for a week and buying in bulk is always cheaper. As for groceries, go for monthly shopping, keeping the household size in mind. Larger packs of most things tend to cost cheaper.
  4. Keep a check on your diet. Eating organic is certainly healthy, but that doesn’t mean everything organic is good for your diet. For example, if you have been trying to shed a few pounds, you can skip organic bread for fresh bowl of veggies. Certain foods are better for your health and are cheaper – i.e. eggs and vegetables.
  5. Shop variety. Let’s say you have five people in the house. Instead of shopping for specialty foods for each person, buy things that can be useful for everyone. That way, you can buy more things in bulk.

Other tips

Cook your meals, instead of buying pre-packaged foods. Considerable effort goes in making ready-to-eat organic foods, and there’s a premium you pay for that. Also, if you are new to organic foods, don’t shift at once, to keep the grocery expenses in control. Things you should always eat organic include nuts, eggs and meats. In fruits, go for organic apples and guavas, if you can find these that is. Also, avoid some of the pre-cut meats and veggies, which tend to come for an added cost.

Check for organic food stores near you right now – we promise you will thank us for the suggestions later!