Helpful Hints For Shopping At Your Local Asian Market

Have you ever thought of spicing up your food routine? Tired of having the same meals week in and week out? If you’re looking to expand your tastebuds and cooking abilities look no further than your local Asian market! Chances are your supermarket has an international aisle but this is only the tip of the iceberg. You might be able to find some of the basics of Asian cooking there in that aisle but if you’re looking for a variety in price and freshness you just can’t beat going to the source. This all sounds like great fun but once you’re there, in the Asian market it can be overwhelming! There’s a barrage of ingredients that you might not be familiar with and labels in languages you can’t begin to understand! Even if you’re looking for something as basic as soy sauce there can be tens of different varieties to choose from. Don’t let this stop you from going and expanding your culinary horizons, here are some helpful hints to get you through your local Asian market.

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Do your research and study up! A good cookbook goes a long way when you’re visiting your local Asian market and trying to figure out what ingredients to get. Cookbooks can act like a guide. They’ll also tell you a little bit about each ingredient especially if it’s a cookbook made for a western American audience. Be sure to read about these ingredients before hand for a basic education on what you’ll need to get started. These helpful cookbooks also have guidelines to help you select your ingredients and even, in some cases, the author’s preferred brands. Take your cookbook with you if you need a little extra help. There’s even an app for shopping at Asian markets, download it before you go!

Another great way to help you get what you want is to make a detailed list. Doing your research beforehand and knowing exactly what you’re looking for is extremely helpful. Be specific! If you write down “curry” or “chili sauce” when you get to the market you’ll see that there are dozens of varieties of these kinds of ingredients and all of them taste differently from each other. And if you’re going to be going on a new culinary adventure and eating delicious foods, shouldn’t your dog get a treat too? Swing by PetSmart or shop online for great deals on tasty treats and high quality dog food.  

So let’s review. When you’re shopping at an Asian market be sure to do your research, take advantage of cookbooks, download a helpful app, and make a detailed list! Looks like you’re ready to go, enjoy your new culinary journey.