Exactly why is Everybody Going Mad For Crowns?

Silvina’s Nature manufactures ‘Crowns’ – a cutting-edge meringue-style indulgent treat which contains only 6 calories per piece – all of the yumminess with no guilt!

Why Crowns?

Lots of people all around the United kingdom have a problem with how much they weigh yet simultaneously don’t wish to eliminate goodies altogether.


Crowns are a new comer to the marketplace but they are very quickly being a hit with foodies and also the health-conscious, including individuals who won’t embrace the lower sugar movement.

How come these pretty Crowns being a hit? What’s the trick? They do not taste healthy or lower in calories! Silvina’s Nature made the impossible a meringue based light treat that’s reduced in sugar and tastes finger licking good!

Crowns tick many boxes that guarantees that the gym bunnies will eat them. This tasty low-calorie snack is nice but reduced in sugar, is gluten-free, low-calorie and scrumptious. They’re sensational looking they satiate!

Who’s behind Crowns?

Silvina is bubbly triathlete having a great desire for helping individuals to embrace eating healthily. Her passion for baking and eating cakes and treats meant she spent years baking her favourite desserts although providing them with a proper tweak so she might have second servings. Her desire for researching nutritious foods and her baking skills pressed her creative button to build up Crowns, reasonably limited meringue based treat filled with flavour.


Tasty, pretty, indulgent, premium and just 6 calories per Crown!

These deliciously light, gluten -free treats are reduced in sugar with under 6 kcal per bite and contain no artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives. Each crown is made from unrefined sugar and drizzled with scrumptious premium chocolate – difficult to believe they’re just 6 calories per Crown!

Crowns are reduced in sugar making from quality ingredients including organic unrefined sugar within the meringue style mix and also the finest British Organic Chocolate that’s drizzled outrageous. These exquisite and innovative reduced-sugar treats are hand crafted working in london, and therefore are naturally gluten-free, full of fibre and an origin of protein.

Filled with flavours – and healthy for you too!

“I did not wish to compromise on taste” states Silvina “just since they’re healthy does not mean they cannot taste amazing too!”

The Crowns can be found in a variety of indulgent dessert style flavours:

Lemon Meringue Cake

Chocolate Brownie

Salted Caramel


Full of fibre and supply of protein they do not only taste great – but satiate too!