Everything You Should Know About Beef Jerky

It does not matter if you wish to bring it to a road trip or to create a snack for your friends and family while bingeing some TV show because beef jerky is one of the best solutions that you can choose.

It is one of the most popular snacks in the USA, and abroad, but people are still uncertain about the process of preparation and what it is.

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In this particular article, we will present you everything you should know about beef jerky so the next time you decide to eat it you get familiar with every single part of it.

A Brief History of Beef Jerky

We can easily say that the first person who started eating and making beef jerky were ancient Egyptians. They used the process of drying so that they can preserve animal meat and eat it for a long time, especially since back in the day they did not have cooling equipment.

This particular method for preserving food was also popular and used in numerous African countries, and Native Americans found out about it before the USA even existed.

The main reason why jerky was popular for them is due to its lightweight feature which is filled with nutrients that will help you avoid hunger. Therefore, it was simple to carry around by our ancestors during the times of war and long journeys.

Note that word jerky comes from Quechan word Ch’arki, which is a language that people from Columbian America talked when the Incan empire was the strongest.

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How Should You Make A Beef Jerky?

Remember that the main ingredients in beef jerky are profoundly simple and convenient to handle. The idea is to use only beef, sugar, salt and other spices and seasoning per taste — the process of making starts by cutting massive cuts of meat into small strips.

After that, the idea is to marinate it into the seasoning and leave it be for a long time. Even though some types include air-drying as well by leaving them at the open air, according to USDA, you should dry it by using some other heat source instead.

Therefore, people are using food dehydrators and ovens. Remember that if you do not do it per instructions, jerky can become contaminated with fungi, bacteria, and even insects.

In industries of mass production, manufacturers are drying it on a metal rack and smokehouse in which they use wood chips and burn them to smoke the meat, which gives the characteristic taste we all like.

After slow cooking and smoking processes, you can quickly eat it.

Is It Healthy?

The main problem with this particular question is the unpredictable answers because everything depends on your health. Beef jerky is an excellent snack for people that wish to get high-protein meals since one-ounce serving features 9.4 grams of protein.

Therefore, we can say that it is an excellent source of proteins with low levels of carbs in general. However, it contains high levels of sodium, as well as cholesterol, which may be problematic for people with heart diseases and cardiovascular illnesses.

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Similarly, like any other food, you have to be moderate and consume it per your convenience. It is useless to eat piles of jerky on daily basis because this is a small snack you should consume from time to time.

It is a perfect treat, but if you overdo it, your heart may notice a difference. Therefore, you have to create balanced meals and consume them with ease.