Everything You Need To Know About Wood Fired Pizza 

Believe it or not, about 83% of consumers across the globe eat pizza at least once a month. However, many consumers now want pizzas that are made with fresh and healthy ingredients. In fact, it is a trend that is led by millennials. Depending on your location, there are different pizza places in Double Bay, and you have different types of pizzas to choose from such as Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza, Neapolitan pizza, and New York-style pizza.

But, if you crave for a pizza that has a perfect crust that highlights the flavours of the ingredients and toppings, then wood-fired pizza is for you. Wood-fired pizza from the pizza restaurant Double Bay is truly unlike anything else.

What does wood-fired pizza mean?

Wood-fired pizza is prepared in wood-fired oven. Wood-fired oven is a traditional wood burning oven that is made of a heat-conductive material like clay, brick, and concrete. The oven is heated with the wood, and it reaches extremely high cooking temperatures. It will take only a few minutes to cook a pizza to achieve the crispy, bubbly perfection.

What makes wood-fired pizza different from others? 

Who doesn’t want to eat a pizza that has a smoky flavour, yeasty aroma, crunchy toppings and fluffy, crispy texture baked in a wood fired oven?

Although wood-fired pizza has some perfect imperfections like there might be a few big bubbles on the crust, it tastes the best as it is the nature of that high heat and fast cooking method. When it comes to texture, the bottom of the crust reaches a charred exterior. However, the top and centre remain chewy and buoyant. The unique texture is attained due to its high heating method in a traditional oven.

Since it is cooked in a wood-fired oven, it has a delightful contrast on and the bottom of the crust will give a pleasing flavour on the edges that makes the wood-fired pizzas a little smoky flavour in a good way. Besides, the cheeses and toppings get cooked very quickly, but they don’t lose their texture which is what allows its freshness rather than being burnt and dried to a crisp in a slow cooking oven. The toppings on the pizza will remain textured while the cheese is melted and bubbling. The crust has the perfect combination of chewy on top and crunchy at the bottom. When these textures and flavours come out, you’ll fall in love with the pizza and feel like in heaven. When you eat every pie with a glass of fine it tastes heavenly!

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