Easy Steps to Follow When Ordering Food Online

Placing your orders online may sound scary and impossible for buyers who prefer paying after the actual delivery. Truth is online food delivery is more efficient and even better than the old methods you are used to. What goes down when planning to go digital in placing your order? Check out these easy steps….

Step 1: Sign up

If you are new to online ordering, research on restaurants near you which offer this service. Once you have selected your restaurant of choice, visit their website or Face Book page and sign up. When you are through, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: New customer registration

Being a newbie at this site, you will be required to provide some personal information such as your address and payment options. This is important for the restaurant to identify their customers for future records. For customers who are just one timers that is, they have no plans of ordering in future, some sites offer you an option of ordering as a guest.

Step 3: Product selection

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Most restaurant sites have a system menu for you to choose from. Here you can view all your favorite dishes and get their description. At this point you get to know the ingredients in the food and decide on which suits your taste buds. If you are allergic to any product you can easily disregard it thus you end up saving yourself from visiting the emergency after dinner.

Step 4: Place your order

After brainstorming what should be for dinner with your partner or friends, it is time to place your order. Most sites have an “order now” tab which you click to pick your food. Here you give specifications and of quantity as well as what toppings you prefer. If you like your pizza extra cheesy or with more peperoni for instance, this is place to state exactly that.

Step 5: Double-check your order

After placing your order, it is prudent to go through it again for any slight changes that you may want to make. You don’t want to get your food delivered but expectations not met due to errors, do you? Waste no time check, check, check…

Step 6: Continue shopping

Feeling extra rich tonight? You do not have to stop at one dish, order for more treats. Choose your food, order and recheck your order.

Step 7: Confirm order

If you have finished with ensuring your order is exactly what you want, click “confirm” and proceed.

Step 8: Select your payment preference

In your customer registration, you had given details on how you would conduct your payment. Is it visa cards, debit cards or bitcoin?  Whichever you are comfortable with, you will specify here.

Step 9: Order confirmation

Once you transmit your order, some sites will send you an online order confirmation immediately. Print it out and keep it for your records. Other sites have an “add billing address” which allows you to get a copy of your receipt.

Step 10: Confirmation call

Since you are a new customer, you will get a confirmation call from the staff to assure you that they have received your order.

Easy, right? Go for online food delivery today.