Basket that you can give as a gift

In old times, baskets were generally use to store or keep fruits and vegetable but in recent years trend has changed a lot. This is because now basket is considered as a very great and wonderful gift option.  Gift basket is nowadays very much in fashion and considered as a very easy and exotic gift for any of the happy occasions.

Basket as a gift is good because you can customize it as per your taste as well as person’s taste such as – if you want to print any special message for the person to can print it, you can also print the photo of the person or do many other things. Various designs are also available in the basket with different materials. So, choose the basket as per your budget. Many ideas and options are available to you that help you out to find out what type of basket proves to be the best. Some of the baskets that you can gift are –

Spa basket –If you need to gift any women then spa basket is one of the best options. This is because almost every woman loves to make use of the spa products. Inside the basket you can put some tissue paper, can also add the foot soak, body scrub, nail polish, body wash, body scrub, bubble bath, loofah, sponge, small towels, bath salts etc. Make sure that everything you put, put it in the co-ordinate colors and add some of the decorative ribbons.

Movie basket–Inside the movie basket you can put the popcorn bowl or mixing bowl, add some of tissue paper as well, also add a DVD of two or three movies of their choice (if you know), popcorn packets, various type of candles and chocolates, cookies, nuts. Along with good wrapping also add some good wishes and ribbon.