A Day In The Life Of A Chef

For many people, the idea of being a chef can be an appealing one. For those that love to cook and fed people, it is a job that literally allows you to do what you love. Many people are drawn to the idea of being a chef because chefs never have to wear a suit, have flexible schedule options with usually no early mornings and get to work in exciting and fast paced environments.

Cooks learn early on to clean and Restaurant equipment properly and keep their heads down and their stations clean. Though not every part of a chef’s job is smooth sailing. Being a chef can be gruellingly tough. Many people that don’t really love it will end up washing out, but for those who do the reward is incalculable. Here is a look at what a chef does in a typical day to give you an idea of if it’s the right career for you.

Late Morning: The Beginning of Food Preparations For most chefs, their day begins at eleven in the morning. This assertion obviously excludes restaurants that serve breakfast, but for the majority of restaurants, the day of the chef starts an hour before noon. This first part of the day is spent on preparing food. It is during this time that chefs check food inventories, order new supplies and ingredients. It is also during this time that chefs come up with ideas for specials and teach line cooks how to prepare ingredients.

Afternoon: The Beginning of Lunch Preparation The afternoons for most chefs are spent preparing for the dinner service. The majority of chefs don’t actively participate in the lunch service unless there are a lot of mistakes or confusion going on in their kitchen. Preparation for dinner involves making soups and sauces, cleaning and cutting up vegetables and baking desserts. A key part of most chef’s afternoon is spent assigning menu items to kitchen staff. This is an important part of a chef’s day where the chef explains technique and standards to staff to ensure a smooth dinner service.

Evening: Dinner Service This is usually the most hectic time in a chef’s day. During the dinner service, most chefs are running around the kitchen sauting, baking and grilling all the key elements for their dishes. For chefs, cooking is obviously a big part of the dinner service, but so is supervision. Chefs have to make sure that everyone else in the kitchen is making the right menu items and cooking ingredients properly.