8 Pointers for Good Chinese Restaurants in Sydney

The range for determining quality Chinese restaurants in Sydney is wide indeed. You can get some of the best restaurant food you’ve ever eaten from high-end restaurants and also have a good low-end street corner place that serves decent noodles on a good day. As with other world cuisines, you want authenticity when you’re searching for quality. For this reason, the closer you get to Chine, the better the restaurant. This isn’t the one and only set of rules to follow, but any Chinese dining-place in Sydney to give you these qualities is a good enough place to visit.

Correct neighborhood

No matter how flashy, a Sydney Chinese restaurant will not look right in a Turkish neighborhood or in the middle of nowhere. Those located in the heart of Chinese communities are better as there is a good chance the owners and workers are Chinese.


China is divided into eight different regions. If you find a restaurant that caters to one or two of the regions, you have probably land a place with great cooks who know just what they are doing.

Chinese speaking staff

T is always a good sign if the staff at a Chinese diner around Sydney is speaking Chinese. Just like the right neighborhood, this staffs are probably immigrants who know what they are doing and will offer authentic Chinese food with the full experience.


A crucial part of Buddhist culture is a shrine. So, lookout for a shrine when you walk into a Chinese eatery in Sydney as the presence of one will indicate the strong cultural beliefs of the owner which could translate to great food and service.

Menu in Chinese

In a traditional Sydney Chinese restaurant, the menu will be completely in Chinese. If you don’t come with someone who can read and interpret for you, you could be completely lost. If you happen on one of such restaurants, congratulations, you’ve got the gold mine.

Poorly written English menu

If you end up asking for an English menu, you should notice different grammatical errors and spelling blunders. This can be an indication the restaurant has not been westernized and will serve authentic stuff.

They have dim sum

Even if you notice a few westernized dishes on the menu, you should be reassured of the restaurant’s authenticity when you see dim sum on the menu. Dim sum dishes include rolls, dumplings, buns, cakes and others.

Correct tea

If the Chinese eatery within Sydney takes tea seriously, they are probably very authentic. Drinking tea is a huge part of the Chinese culture. Green tea, oolong tea and jasmine tea are some f the most commonly served teas at a Chinese restaurant.


Out of the many available options, everyone still wants the good stuff. When it comes to food, people prefer to stick with the good places instead of hitting and missing a lot. This is the same with Chinese cuisine in Sydney. If you want to land good Chinese restaurants in Sydney every time, follow the pointers explained above.