10 Unwritten Restaurant Rules You’re Probably Breaking

Either you are dining at the best of the best wine restaurant in Paris or eating out in the best steak restaurant like Rib n Reef in Montreal, there are unspoken social contracts that should be observed while dining out. This should be given modest respect and common courtesy. Below are 10 unwritten rules of dining in a restaurant.

#1: Know the difference between a server and a busboy

The busboy should not be confused with the server because they both have different duties. Usually, Busser boy gets involved with the dirty job around the restaurant while the server takes an order and serve you your meal.

#2: Snapping of the finger in the restaurant should be avoided

Though unwritten, this offensive gesture used for animals like dogs should be avoided. The international hand symbol is okay if you are choking.

#3: Respect Reservation time

The act of meeting up with reservation is a very-much-important social contract and ghosting on it is a cardinal sin in the service industry. You can call for cancellation and don’t be indignant when u are giving a couple of tables away

#4: Don’t be the couple that sits on the same side of an otherwise empty booth

Sitting on the same side of an empty booth is weird and you subject yourself to cripplingly wild neck angles. Get a room if you want privacy, and if you witness such, avoid making a scene out of it, act mature.

#5: A communal table is not an invitation to make new friends

The closeness of table arrangement means eating next to someone. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should exchange pleasantries or never encroach a private conversation

#6: It’s a problem if your phone is serving as a distraction to other tables

The use of phones should be minimized. Phone conversation should be brief; taking pictures should be minimized.

#7: Your kids should not also be distracting other tables

Keep a tab on your kids by either giving them toys or screen time with your phone. Avoid glares by taking a crying kid outside in the first 30seconds

#8: You can’t send food back just because you suck at ordering

Proper attention should be taken while making an order. This prevents the wrong food from being served. It is unwise to send back food due to your own negligence.

#9: No waiting too long at a busy restaurant

20 minutes after your meal and payment of bills if it is a busy restaurant. These deprived others of eating their own meals which are quite unforgiving.

#10: Don’t show up and order food five minutes before closing

Avoid heading to a restaurant at the closing period, the workers at the restaurant are humans too and would like to close for the day to return to their families.